When withdrawing USDC from your account, a network fee is applied. This network fee reflects the cost of a transaction on the Ethereum network at the time you decide to withdraw your USDC. This fee is not paid to Fairmint.

The amount of the fee can vary a lot depending on the current usage of the Ethereum network. The more it is used, the higher the fee will be if you want your transaction to be confirmed quickly, which we always try to do at Fairmint.

If the fee seems to high for you, you can always try at another time. Hopefully, the Ethereum network will be less congested when you retry. For your information, the current prices can always be found on ETHGasStation. Here are for example, the current fees at the time of writing:

Technically, this fee is called a "gas fee". If you want to learn more, here's a great article to understand Ethereum Network fees. The current network fees

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